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My name is Chad Ferguson. They call me Mister Catfish, or Redneck, or sometimes a few other things not clean enough to write here. I fish for catfish, hunt and kill things (just animals, don't worry). I'm a catfish guide, outdoor writer, photographer, content producer, catfish bait manufacturer, serial entrepreneur, father, son, husband and a bunch of other stuff you don't care about. You can find my work on the Learn To Catch Catfish website or through a variety of media publications. I live in Fort Worth Texas. TEXAS FOREVER!

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Chad Ferguson Catfish Guide

Fun Fishing, Blue Skies!

  Made a quick run the other day for some fun fishing. Lane wanted to test out his new fishing britches so we went to get some slime on them!

Catfish Edge

Catfish Edge – The Cutting Edge Of Catfish Fishing

For most of 2013 I’ve been working on a new project behind the scenes called Catfish Edge. After 13 years as a catfish guide and the past few years running Learn To Catch Catfish i’ve seen a lot of changes in the catfish fishing world but the past few years have been interesting to say […]

Chumming For Catfish

Chumming For Catfish

  This is one photo from a set of photos of a recent shoot I did for In-Fisherman Magazine on chumming for catfish. You can view more of the photos here on Google+.